Saturday, February 26, 2011

Do it Yourself...

For the past few months I have become addicted to the DIY Network. They tell you how to do anything! My kids joke that they can't believe I can watch hours of DIY programming!
As I had mentioned before, I live in the home that my family grew up in. It was my grandmothers home so my mother and aunt lived here and then of course, my brothers and cousin and I practically lived here throughout the years. Needless to say, it is in need of a few updates. My ex-husband and I completed a few projects but after the split a few years ago, the progress came to a standstill. That was until I discovered the DIY Network!
I haven't blogged much late
ly because every spare hour is spent working on something around here. I started small and changed out the frosted glass on the front door to a more updated style using Gila Films. This product was so easy! The Lowes salesman assured me I could do it myself but it would be best to buy the application kit. My daughter, (my lovely assistant) and I had all 6 panes completed on the door in less than 30 minutes. I even decided to put the film on the back door so I could get rid of the dreaded blinds!
All evening I kept staring at the door and what a huge difference it made! So much light was able to come through but I still had the privacy I was wanting. From then I have been hooked on the DIY projects. I have completed numerous projects including the largest which was removing my back door, adjusting the hinges so it wouldn't scrub the floor when opened. I then decided to go ahead and paint the door and put in all new molding on both the inside and outside.
It is so bad that now when I stop in Lowes, a few salespeople ask "Nicole, what are we working on this week!" I have even started purchasing my own tools!
My favorite moment was when the salesman was helping me with the exterior door trim and asked who was I going to get to cut it for me. I told him I had a Skil saw and a Jig Saw so I would be cutting it myself. He said "Wow, here you are in a skirt talking about cutting lumber!" IPublish Post told him, "Yes, I am an accountant so I can do your taxes and then help build your house to claim on your taxes!"
I love the feeling of getting these things completed myself. I have to cut back on my DIY Network or I am going rebuild this entire house!
Next project I will try to remember to take pictures so that I can share with my handywork!