Friday, July 18, 2008

Doggie Cake

My sister in law raises English Bulldogs and she has a female that will soon be having puppies.

Her dog "Chopper" was going to have to have a C-section so we knew when the pups would be here. We were all so excited and since we had that day off anyway, my husband and I went with his sister to the vets office. (They mentioned they may need a few extra hands to "rub" the pups after delivery so we tagged along). We met them at the vets office and I felt like I should bring something with us. I have always gotten "roped" into making diaper cakes and towel cakes for everyone's showers so I decided to make a funny spin on it . . .

I made a "Puppy Training Pad Cake". I just bought a pack of training pads and rolled them up, one after another. I went to a local pet store in town, Furry Godmother, and bought lots of different flavored treats (they sell them individually in all shapes, sizes, and flavors!). I included chew toys, baby shampoo, bones, and rawhides. I wrapped it all in cellophane and topped it off with matching ribbon. It was so cute!
We carried it to the vets office and we got a ton of laughs about it! She brought it home and believe me, she used those training pads FAST! We made smaller ones and gave them to the new owners of the puppies! It was so fun to make and really brought everyone a lot of laughs!
I had to share it with you guys!

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carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Hi Nicole! Thank you for your sweet message on my blog about my brother. I am so sorry that you too have lost a brother! I will keep you and your family covered in prayer.

And I wanted to tell you that your doggie cake is adorable! I bet it will be well recieved!

Please come back and visit me again. I am adding your blog to my list.

Have a nice weekend!

Black Sheep Lisa said...

What a cool idea!
Thank you for visiting my blog.
What is Warhax close too?

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Well, hello from PA.!!!
I just now read your comment on my blog and I'm so glad you came over for a visit.
I love the pic of the front of your store and will have to go check out your website, loved that doggie cake.

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Also thanks for adding me to your fav list I'll do the same!

Primgal55 - Linda said...

That doggie cake is awesome! My grand doggy Brady would scoff that down in no time! LOL

Thanks so much for your sweet comments. I am so excited! Did you check out Primp Your Pad's blog? She just had her shoot!!

Where is Waxhaw? MY Dh and I travel to Cameron, NC to friends usually once a year and I would be sure to stop into your shop if you were close enough.

hugs, Linda

Jenn said...

This is the neatest thing Ive ever seen!!! You should market these - great idea:)