Friday, February 6, 2009

A New Look For an Old Hat

Since we all love searching the Thrift Stores and Goodwill - I thought I would share this really inexpensive makeover of a 90's classic. We all remember them . . . the straw hats that we used on the front door to greet guests. The ones with lace and flowers . . . you remember right? Everytime I am at a yard sale or bargain hunting, I run across a few. They still have the lace and ribbon on them, usually covered in dirt and dust and lots of missing flowers.

I seen this at a friends booth at Curious Cat a few years ago. She actually brought life back to the straw hat! I have to give props to Gladys for coming up with this idea - I loved it so much I bought hers right off the wall and have had it hanging in my dining room for 2 years now!
She stripped the hat of all it's 90's goodness. No more lace and ribbon - goodbye rosettes and wire!

Materials needed:
Straw Hat
Piece of Cardboard - size of hat
Small piece of ribbon
Wide ribbon for "band" on hat
Mossy Grass
Small Bird
Twig or small dowel rod
Hot glue

First step is to lay the hat on a piece of cardboard, trace around the hat and cut out. Then she cut a hole towards the bottom of the hat - not very large. Just about the same height as the bird used. She turned the hat over and stuffed some great mossy grass inside. Now you will glue the cut out cardboard piece to the back of your hat. **Be sure you can not see the cardboard from the front!** You can go ahead and hot glue a thin piece of ribbon or wire to the back in a loop in order to hang your hat. Once all has dried, turn your hat over and we can start working on the front! You will hot glue a twig or small dowel rod to the bottom of the hole (this will be the birds perch). You may have to use your fingers to pull some of the mossy grass towards the hole opening. You want a little sticking out from the hole to cover the opening. Once the twig is stable, glue your bird on to the top. Then take your wide ribbon and wrap around the hat. Tie into a bow at bottom. Be sure to hot glue the ribbon to the hat so that it doesn't slide off.
Viola - you've gone from an out of date straw hat to a cute country bird house! This whole project will cost you less than $5!
We've got to get Gladys up and running with a blog - she has the neatest ideas out of some household goodies! I am going to try to get over to her new store and take some pics! I'll be sure to share them as soon as I can!

6 friends had to say:

Kath said...

Hi Nicole-Love that straw hat! :)
Thanks for the "how-to"
...enjoy your day, Kath

big city prims said...

Hi Nicole - what a great idea! I so remember those foo-foo hat days! Gonna try this one!

The Primitive Bucket said...

I know I had a few of those 80-90's hats myself, maybe I still have time in storage!!! What a cute idea and so country prim looking with that cute ribbon..Great job!!!
have a great day, Joleen

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Now that is a cute idea! Something tells me you are ready for spring! LOL!

Have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole,
What a great idea to bring new life to an old straw hat! Love the check ribbon. It makes me want Spring to come.

Karen said...

Your hat turned out very cute!

Years ago I had a couple of these hanging on pegs in our house. I think I did that in the early 80's and yes, there was ribbons, lace and bows and some flowers!
Your's looks very much in TODAY!
Great job.