Thursday, October 16, 2008

Just a Swingin!

I didn't get to participate in Leslie's Whatcha Workin on Wednesday due to a terrible migraine yesterday! My poor kids were so sweet and took care of me all evening. We had hot dogs for dinner just because it was the easiest thing we had in the cabinet! I took some medicine and seemed to have slept it off because I woke up today feeling much better! Thank goodness!

I don't know if I ever told you all but the house that we are living in is the house that my mother grew up in. It belonged to my grandparents. I always got to stay here as I got to spend time with them when I was little. In the eighth grade I moved in with my grandmother because my mother was moving to another town and I was going to have to change schools. My grandfather had recently passed away and I hated for her to live alone. Also, I really wanted to graduate from the same school my mother did. That is funny because now my kids are going to that same school!

I always loved living here. My grandmother and I would sit out on the front porch for hours watching the people go by and listening to the birds and kids playing around town. I grew up, went to college, and eventually got married. I never really felt as "at home" as I did living here. My grandmother passed away in January, 2006 and left this home to me. She knew I always loved living in this little town. It was always a little too small for my mom and brothers. They liked living in the bigger city where there was more going on. Not me, this was my home.

I have been wanting a swing for the front porch. I wanted a way for my whole family to sit out there and talk and listen like I used to do. I had mentioned this to my brother who is a carpenter. I begged and pleaded for him to build me one. I know I could just buy one at the store but I really wanted something handmade, especially from him. Well, I finally got it . . .

My very own custom built porch swing! I was so excited! He even came out and hung it for me! My sister in law said he worked so hard on that swing! Man, is this thing sturdy too! Me and the kids sit out there all of the time now. We also have a rocking chair out there which is usually where the hubby sits. Finally, we can all enjoy the sights and sounds together! Let me tell you too, we have seen some crazy things while on that front porch.

We came out one morning in our PJs - sipping coffee and talking. All of a sudden, parade floats started coming by! We only live one block from Main street so after the parade the floats came down our road to finish off the parade. We had no idea! Next thing we knew, people came by waving and smiling - we were still in our PJs! I hadn't even brushed my hair! I ran back into the house and my husband couldn't move for laughing! Another time, same situation, sipping drink, PJs (you would think we would learn our lesson!) here comes a Marathon! Hundreds of people running by, police escorted, the works! Again, I run back into the house to get dressed. It seems now if I come out dressed, nothing exciting happens! I'm gonna have to slip back into my PJs and see what else comes down the street!

I am gonna get to work on some pillows for my swing! I will post pictures when I get them finished!

Talk to you all later!

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basketsnprims said...

I love that swing and your brother & sil did a great job. Watch out for those parades.

Anonymous said...

First let me say that I love that swing! So unique and the craftsmanship looks wonderful. What a sweet brother you have.
Secondly, Congratulations on the opening of your shop. I wish you much success!
And lastly, thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I am so glad that you found some useful information.
Have a great day!

Kath said...

I LOVE your new swing! Ya can tell a lot of time & LOVE went into it! He did a very nice job.
(as i was reading your post, which i so enjoyed)
That song kept poppin into my head..."JUST A SWINGIN'" John Anderson?? well, now it's stuck there!! :) I'll be singin that all day!!
Enjoy your special time on your special swing!!
and I can't wait to see your pillows!

Have a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

That swing is so nice! Your brother did a great job and I am sure you will spend a lot of time out there enjoying it!

Anonymous said...

I love your swing. It brings back memories of when I was little sitting on my aunt's porch with her in the swing. It was my favorite thing to do when I went just swing and talk to her. More likely, me talking her ear off!! LOL
Your brother did an awesome job and I'm sure you will treasure it always.