Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Whatcha Working On Wednesday!

In honor of Leslie over at My Country Home, I am finally back to participate in Whatcha Working on Wednesday! Be sure to check out her blog to see what everyone has been up too! Things have been so crazy with our town festival comin up that I have been busy working on all sorts of goodies!

My poor sewing machine has been down for a while and my dear hubby helped work on it last night. Thank goodness! I have been handstitching like a mad woman but we all know things move A LOT faster with a machine!
My first project was a trio of pears. I love primitive pears with their skinny shapes so I decided to draw some up and get to stitching! I made 3 different shapes and sizes to look more natural in a bowl. I thought these would be great pin cushions or just to stick out of a basket or bowl! I am going to grubby them and add old rusty pins, bells, and raffia. I also have to add leaves to each of them (I hope to finish that tonight!)
My other project was a bowl of primitive cherries. I wanted these to fill a small bowl that I had at the shop. It just looked so empty so I had to fill it up with these cute cherries with their little stems and gingham leaves! Seems I am in the mood to make fruits this week! I am going to start some fabric apples this evening so I will try to get them posted by the weekend!
I hope everyone is having a great day!

8 friends had to say:

Kindra said...

I love your fruit! Can't wait to see the apples. I don't know how to make them but I know I would like some to fill up a bowl or something. :)

Leslie said...

I love the cherries and the pears! Very nice!

I remember the days of hand-stitching. I once made a tiny, tiny little curtain to put on the small window on my front door. That thing took me forever. Once I got a machine, I didn't look back! LOL I don't mind doing stitcheries or making yo-yo's by hand but that's about it!

Have a great day!


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I think the pears and cherries are really the gingham on the cherries, great idea!

I made one of my black cats that I sewed by hand I couldn't see doing alot of stuff

Black Sheep Lisa said...

Love the pears! My daughter is a cherry collector, she would like those! Great job!

Kathy said...

Very Cute fruits! I especially love the pears.

basketsnprims said...

I love the pears & the cherries. If I had to depend on hand sewing I probably wouldn't get much done, though I enjoy a little in the evenings when I'm watching TV. Good luck with your show & Happy October to you.


Gettysburg Homestead said...

Great Job!!!! Love them.


Pamela said...

Oh,My... hand-stitching to me is the... BEST! I love to nestle up w/ a ole, warm quilt in front of the tv & STITCH, but you are right... machine is alot faster. Love the pear trio... the shapes are prim-perfect.

Blessings 2 you on this AuTuMn DaY, Pamela