Sunday, March 1, 2009

Thrift Store Makeovers

The weather in my neck of the woods has been yucky for the past few days. It has rained so much that my yard looks like a pond! Then to top it off, today, we have started with more winter weather. As of now, it is snowing and sleeting!
My daughter is so upset because she finished her last drivers ed class on Saturday. She has to get a paper from the Guidance Office and then she is off to the DMV for her permit! Problem is, now there isn't school tomorrow so she can't get the paper! I have never seen a kid more unhappy about snow and a school closing in my life!
I have been cooped up indoors trying to be productive with my thrift store treasures. The first item I have finished was the wooden tray. This was the before shot: I painted it a tan color and then added some stain to it for a prim look. I then covered the middle of the tray with a piece of Spring fabric. I think it is going to look great filled with bunnies or eggs!
The other item I finished is the candle box.
I painted it black and added a rusty star!
I can't wait to add my grubby pillar candle to it and hang a homespun napkin from the drawer!
I have a few more pieces in the works but nothing completed yet.
I hope to get those finished and posted this week.
I was in such a Spring mood and now I have the blahs! I hope to get over them soon and get back to work on my goodies!
Prim Hugs ~ Nicole

12 friends had to say:

Barb said...

Love the fabric in the tray,sorry your having yucky weather.Our weather has been crazy this weekend also, but hey I got one bathtub scrubed really well and recaulked,talk to you soon....Barb

basketsnprims said...

Love your tray and candle holder. They turned out great. I am so over winter and can't wait til it warms up. We are still buried in snow here in Mi. good luck to your daughter.

Susan said...

The tray and the candle box look great! Nice job!

Anonymous said...

Love your redos!! I'm so glad that we are not getting any snow here in Ohio...I'm so ready for Spring to come.

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Wow! Snow in NC, I'll bet that doesn't happen very often! It is really COLD here in Michigan. I love the inspiration from the thrift store makeovers! Keep up the good work and the ideas.

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Looking good! I especially love the little candle shelf! Can't wait to see the other things!

Have a great week.

Autumn Rose Crafts said...

I love this blog!! Love the fabric tray, and everything... whenever I see you have a new post I cant wait to read it, lol fab things! Sarah x

Karen said...

Hi Nicole....I had to giggle at your daughters reaction to snow!

Your make overs are just great.
You know I've been looking at lots of blogs with thrift store finds and I see lots of you have these kinds of candle holders and last week we were at Goodwill and I saw several....wonder why they are out there in masses? lol


The Whites said...

Great job! I especially love the tray. Waiting on Spring here too!


Tammy said...

Love the make overs Nicole. Did y'all get any snow last night? It rained/sleet here yesterday and finally the snow came.

UPON A HILL said...

The box looks really cool! I am still awaiting the Noah pic & what you are gonna do with that????

The Junkin' Yaya said...

Beautiful tray and look forward to seeing more! Thanks for sharing all your creative talent....xo...deb