Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What a busy week!

Things have been so hectic for the past week that I haven't even had time to post anything! That is very rare because I look so forward to sitting at my computer and catching up on my friends out in Blogland! I am in the process of adding an addition to our home. We desperately need another bedroom so it has been in the works for a while. Now that it is warming up, I think we may have it finished soon! Every day it seems I am working more on home improvement than crafting and blogging.
I had a plumbing issue and the plumber told me that he would have to bring out his Bobcat and dig up the pipe (which is an additional cost of $300!). I quickly told him to give me a day and I would dig it up with my shovel and save me $300. So, I spent a whole day digging in the yard to get to the pipe that he needed. It was a lot of work but with every dig I knew what I was saving.
I had also been trying to come up with another color for my shutters and front door. The house is a tan color and they were already painted a barn red color but it was just too much of a contrast for me. It had been that way for 3 years and I had enough of it. Yesterday I went to Lowes and stayed in the paint section for over an hour looking at paint samples. I finally decided on an Olive Green color. I immediately came home and started painting and I LOVE the new color! I think it looks more like a little cottage now! So homey looking!
I have been working on a few projects lately though . . .
I made these Spring Birds for my booth at Curious Cat. They started as a Robins Egg Blue color and then grubbied. I love how they turned out!
I have also been working on some large prim pears that still need a little finishing touch. I still have to put on their stems and leaves and prim them up!

I found this vintage table cloth at the Waxhaw Antique Mart over the weekend. I just angled it across my table and put this old wooden bowl in the middle. It really lightened up my dark table!

Well, guess I am off to deal with more Home Improvement issues! UGGGHH! Wish me luck!
Prim Hugs ~ Nicole

8 friends had to say:

UPON A HILL said...

You go girl; with the digging process! Everything you are making looks great. I was in Waxhaw this weekend for the first time visiting friends. Nice place.

Susan said...

Love the birdies and the pears. They look great! Jimmy is taking a vacation the week after Easter and we will be painting around here, too.

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Wow, sounds like you have been really busy! Be sure to post pics when you finish your new room!

The Junkin' Yaya said...

I am so proud of you doing all that digging...you show 'em! Can't wait to see all the pics of your new bedroom!

Have a beautiful week! xo...deb

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've really been busy. Love your birds and pears. Hope you'll show us the new bedroom when it is all finished.

This Country Girl said...

Good for you, Nicole! That's awesome that you saved yourself $300 by working so hard!

I love all your creations...those pears are really going to be cute all finished out and primmed up!

Have a great rest of the week!

The Whites said...

Love your pears and birds! We're doing a little home improvement around here too. Good luck with yours!


Farmchick said...

Hi~I am so behind on my visiting--so I just had to stop in and see what you have been up too! Your home improvements sound great...but I feel for you dealing with all the contractors ect...sometimes it gets frustrating! Hope you have a wonderful week...stop in and visit when you have time! :)