Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Change of Plans!

Well, I started the shop with the plans to be open Thurs-Sat. I work part time as a Bookkeeper for an Electrician in Indian Trail, NC. I was just informed that they need me to start working in their office on Thursdays. I am looking for an alternative so that I could still open the shop on Thursdays but it looks like, until I figure something out, I will have to change the store hours.
I will be open Fri - Sun.
I have been talking to a lady who has some great handmade decorative jewelry. She is going to be bringing some items to the shop and says she may be able to work on Thursdays in return for placing her items in the shop. This actually would work out great for both of us!
I am going to start this Thursday to help them out. Of course, it is more hours so that equals more pay but I won't get to open the shop!
I am sorry about this and hope to have something figured out pretty soon. Until then, please stop by our website, Back In The Day, to shop 24/7!

4 friends had to say:

Merrie. said...

Hi Nicole; I am so glad you could work things out. Isn't it nice when the answer just appears? Say hello to the furkids; we are getting a new bully friend; one of my fave bloggers Jane of JanesFabrics is getting a new puppy this week; she has one bully already; a girl named Millie; the new baby is a girl named Sophie! We are on puppy watch; she arrives on Thursday! Tell Cane ( or it spelled Cain?) he will have some new chicks to correspond with!!! LOL! Merrie

Raggedy Angel said...

Hey, My MIL lives in Indian Trail

Anonymous said...

I'm so gald to hear that you may have found someone to take care of the shop on Thursday's since you now have to work that day. I use to work in exchange for my items being in a friend's shop for about 2 years before I opened my own shop. This will be a great blessing for both of you.

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

I hope everything works out in the end for you.