Saturday, August 9, 2008

Some alone time!

Yesterday, my husband helped a friend move some tractor trailers from Charlotte to Georgetown. Each trip took about 7 hours! On top of that, both kids were gone for the weekend! Finally, I was home alone! What am I going to do! No dinner to cook . . . Nobody to clean up after . . . Nobody needing anything! WOW!

Now it has been a long time since I have been home alone. The first few hours I managed the remote. I watched all the HGTV and TLC I could stand! At one point the cable froze and there it was . . . silence! The kids TV wasn't on, there was no one tapping on the computer keys, no phones ringing, no text messages ringing . . . silence! At that moment I realized one thing . . . I did not like it! I missed the kids, the husband, the mess, the noise, all of it!
So, to distract myself, I did the only thing that would get my mind off of it . . . I started crafting! I grabbed some Muslin and started going through my pattern book. I stitched this cute saying that I found online a few months ago.

Then, I started on my Candy Cane Ornies. It didn't take long to do these - just a simple pattern, paint and stain.

I then started on a set of 5 sunflowers. I had a cute pattern for these and started on them but they aren't quite finished yet. As soon as I get them completed, I will be sure to post pictures!
All in all, I had a good night. Finished a few projects, watched a little tv, good times! I probably shouldn't have watched so much HGTV though. I started looking around the house and noticed things I needed to paint, rearrange, update . . . UGGGGH! I guess as long as I have projects to do, I never have to worry about being BORED!
I hope everyone has a good weekend (what is left of it!)

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This Country Girl said...


I know what you mean...I don't like that silence either...give me the noise of my kids and family anytime! :)

I love your crafting you accomplished though, especially the that saying!

Have a great Sunday!

Raggedy Angel said...

Sounds like you got a lot done! I am gonna try to add you to my blogroll again..blogger was acting up the other day and would not let me add. Beth

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

I don't like the silence either! I am rarely ever alone, but I can hanlde it during the dalight hours. It's at night that bothers me. I'm not "afraid" of being alone, but I am not comfortable being alone at night.
Your stitchery and ornies are adorable!

Merrie. said...

Hey Nicole; thanks for stopping by for a visit; I love it that you guys have bikes too!! Do you ride separately or on one bike? I started out as a co-rider on a Gold Wing; but I am a big ole control freak; plus I like the way it feels when you find out you can do something you never thought you could; I just began riding on my own in 2004; my husband has a Fat Boy; I want a new bike mine was new when I got it, but now I want a bigger one with saddlebags so I can shop along the way hee-hee! Although I do shop as much as I can and go back later with my truck! I hope maybe next year we can come down/over? your way and stop by the store for a visit (...sssh... and to BUY somethings...) LOL! So glad I found you; give Cane and his sibs a big ole bone from his Michigan bully buds!PS I love those pillows you made; wish my daughter would ever help me sew/stuff! Lucky you;

Farmchick said...

I guess we all agree....we like the hustle and bustle of family around us! Sometimes you wish for peace and quiet but when it comes down to's better noisey! lol


Farmchick said...

Thanks for I just need two more people! Nobody wants to come out and play!