Saturday, August 2, 2008

Getting ready for Fall!

We have been busy getting the shop ready for Fall and let me tell you guys, it has taken a life of it's own! Every time I would think "Okay, it is time to bring out the pumpkins" I would look around the store and think "Well, let me paint that first" or "That shelf would look better over there". Both of these required assistance in getting it completed. My wonderful children came to the rescue!
My daughter, Miranda, opened up with me on Friday. She painted a table for me and helped me move the Americana stuff to another wall. Of course, that required moving the items from that wall to another wall and so on! By the end of the day, I believe everything in the store had been moved at least once!
Then today my son, Colton, came up to the shop around lunch time. (I only live a few blocks from the shop so they stop in from time to time when they are bored!) I was busy finishing my candy corn ornies. We then took everything off the tables (yes, the same stuff my daughter and I set there the day before) and put the Fall tablecloths out. I couldn't believe the difference with just a little bit of fabric! We went to the back room and pulled out ceramic pumpkins, fall leaves, grapevine wreaths . . . Finally, it all started coming together!
I am still busy working on my handmade fall stuff (pumpkins, candles, ornies and bowl fillers) but for now, Fall is among us at Back in the Day!
We are planning our Fall Open House on August 14th-16th. We still have a bit to do but if it wasn't for the kids coming by, I would still be knee deep in fabric and pumpkins!
I have posted a few pictures to show what we have finished so far . . .
Not too much finished here - still a work in progress!
This is the shelf we painted black on Friday. A much neater way to display stuff!

I love the old watering can filled with the birch branches!

My favorite corner! So Shabby Chic!
Well, there you have it! That has been just a glimpse into our busy weekend! Keep in mind that I may post pictures next week and everything will be moved again! I get bored and move stuff around all the time so . . . you never know what it is going to look like! I have customers ask me all the time "Is that new" and I tell them "No, I just moved it from over there!"

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Gettysburg Homestead said...

Wow what great stuff you have!!! You did a great job displaying all of it.


Merrie. said...

I love your store; I have store envy!! And we would love to see Cane's siblings too; I have to tell you that since we have four babies now; it is almost impossible to get them in the same pic at once; we have two DIVAS and the boys have always been so close, but Niles will often close his eyes and stick out his tongue right as you take the photo; even with the digital, after so many takes, you just give up! :) He is just like the kid at the class photo that has to make the goofy face that will mess up the photo for everyone else; Thanks for your very nice comments; please send us a photo; you can send it to ; we'd love to see them. Say hello to Cane and his sibs; give 'em a milk bone for me! Merrie

Kim ~ "HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs" said...

What a great store you have! My dream is to one day have a little shop. My friend and I just talked about doing that some day!

Thank you for commenting on my new black cupboard...I can't wait to fill it up with spices.

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Your ship looks great! Wish I could visit one day!

Farmchick said...

L-O-V-E your did a great job on everything!!!
Thanks for sharing!

Raggedy Angel said...

I have to look up where your town is in NC, I am in Albertson, it is about 20 miles east of Goldsboro.
Your shop looks great! Beth

This Country Girl said...

Sure wish I lived close by...I would surely be coming by! Everything is looking great and it looks like some great things you have too! Your hard work paid off!