Saturday, September 27, 2008

Autumn Treasures Festival

On Saturday, October 11th and Sunday, October 12th, the Town of Waxhaw is hosting Autumn Treasures. This has been a tradition in Waxhaw for several years. There will be lots of vendors, concessions, and good old fashioned family fun!
I love this event more and more every year! The weather is always better than the Spring Festivals so it isn't a chore to be outside walking around with the kids.
They are planning on having 2 full days of music at the Bandstand (which is located in front of Southsiders Deli). There will be lots of great Bluegrass and Gospel music!
Vendors come from all over to set up for these shows in town. It is great to see them coming back year after year! There are so many talented artists and crafters out there and these festivals are a great way to showcase their work.
I am getting started on my "Festival Foods". I want to have a Mini-festival in the shop during those 2 days. We are going to have Popcorn Balls, Candy Apples, Carmel Apples, Toasted Pumpkin Seeds, and so on. I am going to have a few giveaways going on as well.
Seeing as I am a crafter and not a baker, getting foods prepared isn't something I am looking for to! But, I think I am going to give it the old college try!
If anyone has any recipes for easy treats I can make to serve, please send them over! I need all the help I can when it comes to this stuff!

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Karen said...

Wow, this sounds like so much fun!
Aren't town festivals so much fun. Our little town hosts many throughtout the year but as far as having craft shows we have none...sad huh?
Good luck - wish I lived near you I'd be on over!