Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy Birthday - RIP

Today is my oldest brothers birthday. Mike helped raise my brother and I after our father passed away and he always seemed to be there for us growing up. He especially looked after me since I was the only girl and he always had to play the "big brother" role! At school he would "scare off" anyone who was mean or rude to me. I was always known as the girl with the scary older brother - which caused a little havoc on my social life! Even when I was older he would ask my dates what they had planned and gave my curfew with a stern look to let us know he was serious! (I wasn't scared but boy my date was!)
When he got his first job, he saved up for months to buy our Christmas gifts. He bought my other brother, Brian, his first BMX bike and bought me an electronic keyboard. (You remember when those were popular!) I always played the piano with my grandmother so he thought I could still practice even when I wasn't at her house. I will never forget that Christmas!
We all grew up and started our own lives. We didn't get to see each other as much. Mike was dating a girl from another town and moved there to be closer to her. Brian pretty much stayed close to home with mom and I went off to College and got married. We all got together for birthdays and such. Always thinking, we'll get together later . . .
July 25, 1997 - I received a call from my mother that Mike had drowned. He had went swimming with a few friends at a nearby lake and had gotten caught in some underbrush. No one could believe it. We had never thought anything would happen to one of us - I guess you never do! The years since his death have been very hard. He was always the clown - the goofball - never took anything seriously.
I am lucky to have had him for 22 years of my life. I have two children who I wish knew him like I knew him. I see him in a lot of little things they do. My daughter looks so much like him, it is a little scary. She has turned out to be the goofball and the clown of the family now. My son is now into Rock and Roll and I think, "Mike would laugh to see him playing the air guitar just like he used to!"
Today would have been my brother's 39th birthday. I just wanted to share a little bit about him and how much he meant to me. I wish I would have never taken for granted that we would have years to "get together".

Robert Michael Wolfe
9/2/69 - 7/25/97

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Linda said...

I am so sorry for your loss. You have some wonderful memories of Mike. When I was 16, my 18 year old brother died in car accident and I can see him in my kids as well.

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Oh I am so sorry to hear about your brother. What a great tribute to him!


Sandy said...

I love what you had to say about your brother. One thing I have learned from falling sick, we take our family for granted. I treasure every moment with them now.

I am sure your brother is over looking you and your family.


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

My oldest brother died from cancer a while ago too, it is so hard to get over but we never forget that smile or laugh do we? My other brother has the same voice as my dad, it is so weird sometimes:)

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Bless your heart! That empty feeling never goes away, doesn't it? It's like something is just missing! I lost a brother several years ago when he was only 25. He was driving under the influence of alcohol. What a senseless death! Oh, how I wish I could go back and change things!
Sending you a prayer of peace. I hope your precious memories of him bring you some comfort. He sounds like such a wonderful young man.

primlin56 said...

your story really moved me and i know how much you must miss him...you have honored your brother today with sharing him with all of us...i am so sorry for your loss..he sounds like he was such a great man...thanks for the reminder today to not take your family for granted...

This Country Girl said...

This was a great tribute post to your brother! I know you must miss him so much! It's great that you have wonderful memories of him and how he treasured and took care of his little sister and brother! That tells alot about his character.

~ Tammy

Farmchick said...

Your brother sounds like a wonderful guy. I am so sorry that you had to lose him at such a young age. It is so good though that you have such warm and wonderful memories of him that you can relay to your children.

Raggedy Angel said...

My heart is breaking for you as I read this....I am so glad you see him in your children. I am sure he is smiling..

Cindy B said...

Isn't amazing how ones actions and traits show up later in future children . so very sorry for your loss and your tribute to your brother is very heart felt by all of us that have lost a loved one too soon in life.
I have three nieces that passed away from accident or health issures...and miss them as well. my great niece has her moms laugh..it is like hearing her mom across the room. My other great niece has her moms inherit ability to quilt and crochet..no doubt her mother taught her well....and that smile..I can see my niece smile in her daughter's smile! Yes,,,,we d treasure the momens with loved ones in our family, as we never know what tomorrow brings