Monday, September 15, 2008

My Parade of Homes!

I took my camera with me today, which I rarely ever do. I took it to work so that I could show off the Pageant pictures for this weekend. (One of those proud parent things!) Anyway, as I was driving to the grocery store and running things to the shop, I realized that I always drive a certain route so that I can look at some of my favorite houses around town! I thought if I like them so much, I should share them with you guys!

This house is actually located in Monroe, NC which is about 20 minutes from my house. It isn't far from my mothers house so I stopped and snapped a pic! I was in their driveway and I was trying to be quick so no one would notice me and my camera! I love the green color of this home and the red front door. This is my "Inspiration House". I LOVE it!

This home is just across the street from mine! I grew up playing in this house and swinging on their front porch! They just recently changed the door and outdoor furnishings to black which looks so good against the white house. My grandmothers dear friend still lives here with her daughter. Their porch just looks so inviting doesn't it? Wonder if they would mind me coming over to swing! lolThis home is also located in my little town of Waxhaw. It is an older home that has been renovated for that perfect cottage look! Sorry, it is a bit blurry. I started driving while my daughter was snapping! My favorite part of this house is the windows. They have been updated but they still have the look of the older wooden windows. I know these people think I am a stalker, I just ride by reallllllly slow, checking out their latest updates!

Lastly, of course, this one isn't a house but it is the Waxhaw Tack Exchange. It is THE place to get all of your tack goodies. I am not sure of its history but it is an old barn that has been renovated inside. It still has the old rusted tin roof that you can see perfectly from my shop window. We were driving around after everything had closed but I hope to get in there soon and get some pictures of the inside. This is right off of Main Street in downtown Waxhaw.

Well, that is pretty much my evening tour! This is just a few of my favorite sights around town. With it being a town known for Antiques and Country Living, I hope it always stays as down to earth and warm as it is today. I know the hussle and bussle of bigger cities is coming but hopefully I have a few more years of the country life!

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carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

I love looking at houses too! Love that Tack shop! Old barns are another favorite of mine.
Have a great day!

This Country Girl said...

Nicole...What a great post! I loved all the houses you loved too! I do that around looking at houses and old barns like Carolyn said. I should get pictures of some of my favorites too! I like to visit them each season and see how they've decorated or changed things!

Have a great Weds!

Kindra said...

Thanks for taking us on a tour! Love those houses! And LOVE that Tack shop. A red building of any kind always draws my eye. :)

Farmchick said...

Thanks for the tour...I L-O-V-E barns.....but they have to be RED! Have a great evening!!!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed looking at your house tour. Thanks for sharing your sweet town :)

Karen said...

Oh you have one of my passions! I just love driving down certain streets in our town or some of my favorite towns....
I especially love the Tack Shop!
Thanks for posting.