Friday, September 26, 2008

One Happy Customer

Every Friday, I get a visit from a dear friend of mine, Mandy. She usually places orders for new things and then picks them up the following week. This weeks pickup was Sunflowers. I had made some a few weeks back and had them sitting in a little water pitcher that I had on hand. I blogged about my creation a few posts back. She bought all 5 that day and ordered 12 larger ones. She wanted a few with pink gingham centers for her daughter, Layla's, room.

I finally talked my dear hubby into building me an old wooden window box to sit inside my big window at the shop. I wanted to fill it full of Sunflowers - different materials and sizes. So, as I worked on Mandy's order, I continued making Sunflowers for my window display. I am not sure how many I ended up with but my house had begun to be taken over by Sunflowers!! They were everywhere - some were in the kitchen waiting to be stained and primmed. Others in the dining room where I had to finish stuffing the centers! Seriously, when I said everywhere, I meant it! I finally finished the whole bunch late last night.
So, I get to the shop today and immediately start on my new window display. My hubbby helped me carry my window box in while I toted in the bags of Sunflowers. I worked and worked - arranging and rearranging. It was a good day to mess with it cause it was raining so I am in and out of the rain checking to see how it looks from the sidewalk!
My friend, Mandy, shows up to pick up her sunflowers. She loved them! I was telling her how I was in Sunflower land for the whole week and then . . . it happened . . . She looked over at the window display and fell in love with it. She said, "Sorry, but you know I have to have all of them too!" She waited patiently while I picked each and every sunflower from its brief home and put them into a bag. So, while I thought I was safe from Sunflower land for a little bit, it seems I am going to have to slip back once more.
I even took my camera to take a picture of the display and it was gone before I could get one! I am glad they were such a big hit though! With the ecomony as it is right now, I would sell the front door off of that shop if someone wanted it! lol
Mandy always brings her two kids with her when she stops in. Her son, Adam, always gets a swirl pop for behaving. I did manage to snap a pic of him with his favorite candy!
After she left, I mustered up the energy to start on . . . more sunflowers! I finished a few before the day was over . . .

I promise next time I get the display finished, I will snap a picture before anyone gets a chance to fall in love with it!

8 friends had to say:

Linda said...

I am going to hold you to that promise! :-) Can't wait to see them!

basketsnprims said...

I love your sunflowers!


Merrie. said...

Love those sunflowers! I hope you didn't think I was too pushy today about the vet, but I just love our babies too much and like you never want one to be in any discomfort; I hope Cain will be well soon; he looks like such a great lil man! Talk to you soon; Merrie

Anonymous said...

Your sunflowers are so cute and I love what you did with the picture frame in your last post. I have a few sunflower patterns but haven't made any yet, but after seeing yours it makes me want to start making mine now.
Thanks for coming by my blog to visit and for the sweet comments. The pins have been my best seller for years and the dishtowels do great also.
Happy Stitching!!(Sunflowers)

Dawn said...

Nicole, i got the tutorial from Char @ The Pickled Pepper Patch. They are easy to make. i ran right out to the Dollar Tree and bought up all of thier apples. Thye look so real!! Have fun, Ive made 10 in just less than an hr. have fun. dawn

Black Sheep Lisa said...

At least all your hard work paid off on the sunflowers! LOL
I love the picture frame too! I find myself collecting them too!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I can't wait to see all the "new" sunflowers in your store window!
I've seen them on the web looking really grunged. They must have been beautiful for your friend to buy them all up. Good for you!

Karen said...

Love the sunflowers - I know what you mean about taking pictures - sometimes I get an order for a Penny Rug that's different than what I usually make and forget to get a picture of it1