Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pageant Time!

My daughter Miranda has joined the Ms Parkwood Pageant at her high school. Now, my daughter isn't normally the pageant type. She loves to ride dirt bikes, and fish, and just recently decided she wanted to give this a try. Her best friend, Jessi, joined too so they could do this together. This meant several weeks of rehearsals, not to mention hours of dress shopping, jewelry and shoe shopping . . . I didn't think it would EVER get here! Well, today was the day. We were both up at 8 a.m. this morning. The high school students had to be "interviewed" by the judges individually. Of course, this meant we also had to have the interview attire. So, this morning by 9:30 we was at the school meeting the judges.

We were back home at 10:30 and immediately starting getting ready. The photography appointment was at 3 pm so we were rushing around getting her ready. I worked on her hair for 3 hours! We had over 60 bobby pins in her hair when we were said and done! (That was okay as long as she didn't have to go through a metal detector!)

Then come the time to get dressed. Whenever she came out of her bedroom, my mouth hit the floor! She looks absolutely beautiful! There stood my baby (so I thought) looking more like a woman than my child!

We rushed off to the school - loaded with curling irons, hairspray, makeup, cameras, batteries . . . you name it, it was in my bag! The whole pageant was beautiful. It was wonderful seeing so many adorable kids and teens struting their stuff! They all did such a great job and the school did an amazing job putting it all together!
My daughter was going out for Ms Sophmore and her friend, Jessi, was going for Ms Freshmen. All of the girls had an "Opening Number" which involved a dance routine and they all looked great up on stage. Even the little ones were dancing and twirling like the older ones!
As it turned out, neither my daughter nor her best friend won their titles but I still was amazed and what they had accomplished. As I mentioned, my daughter has never been in a pageant before but she picked right up on walks, waves, and smiles that go into a pageant. She was beautiful up on the stage! She smiled the whole time she was out there! I was so proud of her!

Both girls were disappointed that they didn't win but they really had a great experience! This was one day that I am sure neither will ever forget!
I was just so proud and I wanted to show off my gorgeous daughter to all of you!

7 friends had to say:

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

You should be very proud of her...she's beautiful!

Raggedy Angel said...

She is a winner because she took a chance.....she is beautiful! Beth

Linda said...

Thank you for sharing those pics of your beautiful daughter!

the primitive country bug said...

Your daughter is just beautiful and good for her for stepping outside of her comfort zone. She truly is a winner! Hugs~ Birgit

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

She is such a beautiful girl! Definately be proud of her! Don't they gow up fast?

Farmchick said...

She looks beautiful.....ya done good Mom!!!

Karen said...

Congratulations and not only is she gorgeous but her dress is just beautiful.